Omnilux Clear Quick Start Guide

1. Before using your mask, charge the controller using the supplied cable and plug. The controller must be charged on its own, (not attached to the mask) by the cable and plug that connects to the wall socket. Please do not charge your controller with the mask still plugged in as this may cause damage to the battery.

2. Once fully charged (all 3 charging lights will be illuminated) detach the controller from the charging cable.

NOTE: Please do not charge the controller with the mask still connected. Omnilux CLEAR will not work if plugged into the controller while it is charging and this can cause damage to the device & battery over time.

3. Connect the mask to the other end of the controller. To reiterate, the Omnilux CLEAR is operated by the supplied controller, making it completely portable.

4. The mask is designed to sit comfortably on your face. It should feel secure but not overly tight.

5. Activate the controller by pressing down on the button for one second. Each session is 10 minutes and your device will automatically shut off when the treatment is complete. We recommend using your Omnilux CLEAR device 4 days per week for 6 weeks. Once the initial series is complete, use CLEAR at the earliest signs of a breakout.

6. Store your device flat if possible and clean treatment surface as needed with a damp cloth or a nonirritating water-based wipe. For deeper cleaning, wipe gently with 70% alcohol.


NOTE: Refer to the Omnilux Clear User Guide that comes with your device for complete instructions for use, warnings, precautions and contraindications.