6 LED Light Therapy Facials + 1 Free Peel
6 LED Light Therapy Facials + 1 Free Peel
6 LED Light Therapy Facials + 1 Free Peel
6 LED Light Therapy Facials + 1 Free Peel
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6 LED Light Therapy Facials + 1 Free Peel

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Max7 LED Light Therapy provides seven individual wavelengths of light from the visible spectrum to offer an exceptional treatment experience and improvement to the quality of the skin.


Red - Rejuvenating, promotes an increase collagen production

Orange - Revitalising, gives a healthy glow, improves dull complexions. Recommended for wedding days and portraits.

Yellow - Tones muscles, tightens the skin, aiding in the anti-ageing process.

Green - Calms the skin, reduces redness and inflammation, helps reduce hyper-pigmentation

Aqua - Restores elasticity and suppleness, excellent for mature skin.

Blue - Relaxing, helps relieve tension and cramping.

Violet - anti-bacterial properties, purifies the skin, helps kill acne causing bacteria.

After your skin consultation and skin analysis a single wavelength or a multiple wavelength program will be selected based on your skin type and concerns.

The amount of treatments needed per week can vary anywhere between 1 to 3 treatments a week for an average of 6 to 12 treatments for best results. 

Package includes: 

6 LED Light Therapy Treatments + 1 free Peel (Enzyme, Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acid)*

* Peel will be added on to your LED Light Therapy Treatment booking.

Duration: 45 minutes per treatment.

Each treatment includes:

- Skin consultation

- Skin analysis

- Double Cleanse

- Exfoliation or your free Peel

- LED Light Therapy using a single wavelength or multiple wavelengths of light

- Mask 

- Application of eye cream, serum, moisturiser and sun protection.

Max7 FAQ's

What is Max7? 

Max7 is a non-invasive Light Therapy device for facial skin rejuvenation.

Why Max7?

The innovative Max7 was developed to ensure safe and effective skin care treatment for all skin types in a truly natural way. Max 7 works with the skin and not against the skin. Max7 is a painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment.

What are the benefits of using Max7?

- Increased circulation.

- Restoration of the skin's natural cellular activity.

- Aids nutritional elements existing within the skin.

- Better cellular use of oxygen existing in the skin.

- Encourages a natural chemical reaction within the skin, uniting hydrogen and oxygen to create moisture.

- Promotes collagen production leading to a more youthful skin.

How many treatments?

The amount of treatments needed will be determined in accordance to your skin condition. It may vary anywhere between 1 to 3 treatments a week for an average of 6 to 12 treatments for best results.

What about maintenance?

Maintenance, as with any other skincare treatment, is highly recommended to ensure lasting results. On average we suggest one maintenance treatment every 6-12 weeks.

Does the skin feel different?

The treatment and results begin within the skin, right at the heart of the cell, After the first treatment the skin feels tighter, more alive. Due to increased circulation, oxygenation and moisture, you will notice a softening of the lines & folds, an increase of inner skin firmness as a result a healthy glow and skin rejuvenation.

How soon can I expect to see results?

You can expect smoother more hydrated skin with natural radiant sheen after the first treatment. Cumulative results, maintenance treatments, and an effective at home skin care regimen are very important and determining factors.

Are there any side effects?

It is safe and effective for all skin types, ethnic and age groups. These treatments have no undesirable side effect and no downtime. We provide protective eye shields for complete relaxation and peace of mind. No infra-red or ultra-violet light is used.

This treatment may not be suitable for those who have photosensitivity disorders, taking certain medications that cause photosensitivity and those who are Pregnant. Suitability will be determined through a skin consultation prior to your treatment.

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